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What is it?

WEFACT consists of the “WEFACT framework” which provides a flexible infrastructure for defining and executing V&V processes. External resources – external processes, tools and standards – are integrated through defined interfaces.  The safety case or security case is the central output of the program which summarizes the information of the V&V process and also provides a basis for the certification of the artefact under test (AUT).

What it Does…

  • Guides users through the V&V (verification and validation) and certification process
    • Follows functional safety and security standards
    • Provides a workflow starting from definition of requirements of generation of modular and incremental safety and security cases
  • Helps in identifying and carrying out V&V activities
    • Organisation V&V activities in C-plans (validation plans) for controlling the V&V process, supporting traceability and tracking the status.
    • Supports automatic and manual processing of V&V activities using customised integration of V&V methods and V&V tools.
  • Collects documented evidence in repositories
    • Provides an interface for external data and document repositories
    • Provides templates for reports, e.g. V&V activity reports, validation reports and safety and security case reports

Also providing consultancy for…

  • Test plan reviews:
    • Gain confidence in your test plan following the appropriate norms.
  • Identifying & closing gaps in testing:
    • Following norms might not be enough – know the size of your blind spot.
    • Obtain updated test plan/tests closing gaps to the state of the art.
  • Safety Audit Rehearsals:
    • AIT’s senior experts help in preparation for an upcoming safety audit.
  • Review of security concept and internal development workflows:
    • Identify potential weaknesses and necessary improvements
    • Based on applicable standards, AIT will review development workflow and suggest improvements
  • Study and technology evaluation & workshops:
    • See how you can profit from new technologies (e.g. virtual reality and automated code analyses)