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PTI Vision

What is PTI Vision?

The Intelligent Vision System is computationally efficient in reducing data dimensionality in detecting both static and moving objects on a train platform. It autonomously performs platform train interface (PTI) monitoring after being taught what both a good and an errant platform looks like, helping to reduce vehicle dwell times.

Advisory and Digital Rail are developing the tool that is based on patented technology developed at Lancaster University as part of military-funded research for tracking troop movements from drones.

What it Does

  • Detects where passengers are on the platform (if they cross the yellow line)

  • Sends alerts to drivers, staff and other stakeholders if someone is stuck in the gap

  • Measures the number of passengers on both the train carriages and the platforms

  • Uses existing camera infrastructure

  • Processes in real time on a computer the size of a credit card (Raspberry Pi for example)

End Users

Passengers (customers):

  • Improve safety at the PTI.

  • Optimisation of their PTI experience.


  • Increases driver’s experience and goes some way to reduce stress and pressure.

  • Assists the driver to maintain on-time services by reducing passenger boarding swell time, further helping to reduce safety related incidents.

Train and Station Operators:

  • Improved safety of passengers through a reduction in PTI FWI incidents

  • Faster passenger boarding at the PTI can aid station operators in running a safer and quicker service

  • (Side effect) improved passenger movement will help to reduce larger crowds and subsequently improving safety