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What is ElbowTie?

We are currently collaborating on a new “Big Data Analytics” risk assessment tool for railway hazard identification and mitigation. The product will merge conventional safety engineering tools with “Big Data” in order to notify the safety workers in real time about hazards.

Why is it Needed?

The use of the ElbowTie provides a formal means of allocating data to cases, consequences and risk mitigation measures set within an enterprise data analytical framework.

ElbowTie is built around the well-known Bow-Tie risk assessment methodology and has been designed to incorporate Big Data into the risk assessment activities.

The Bow-Tie analysis has been enhanced through linking relevant Enterprise Data Taxonomy sources to each of the elements of the Bow-Tie. These data sources include, for example, condition monitoring, social media, and safety management.

Big Data

The concept of Big Data (BD) and associated analytics was not on the map ten years ago but now it looks like it will be revolutionary for the rail industry.

There is a real opportunity to integrate BD within railway safety risk assessment activities, giving timely and relevant information to support intelligent design decisions and ensure risk assessments are fully integrated into the business model for the rail.

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