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Austrian Institute Of Technology – Security

Observ3d Smart Intrusion Detection

​What it does…

Observ3d Smart Intrusion Detection is a software solution targeting high-security access control scenarios. It is based on a stereo camera and 3D-enhanced image processing. Key benefits are protection against tailgating or any malicious infiltration into an observed area (e.g. by an intruder.) The solution is developed for robust high-security applications such as military access control gates.

Observ3d Queue Analysis

What it does…

Observ3d Queue Analysis is a software solution with the primary objective of queue analysis to derive information including metrics such as waiting time and queue length to support active queue management. Its robustness is achieved by asymmetric three-camera stereo configurations for optimised depth range and accuracy. Queue management is essential in service operations (e.g. check-in desks at airports) and retail because customers’ experiences when queuing have a huge impact on their perceptions of your services. Moreover, it helps to optimally utilise available staff resources.

Map Based Sensor Fusion for Security and Surveillance Systems

Idea goals…

A highly efficient automatic system for sensor to provide situational awareness in security applications that will allow:

  • Integrate different, complementary sensor technologies, from a simple motion detector to video cameras, thermal camera, acoustic- and microwave radar sensors and their related detection software(s) into one surveillance solution.

  • Represent all sensor detection and alarm notifications for a surveillance area in a common map and user interface, based on a common information exchange protocol.

  • Implement a rule engine for the fusion of sensory information, that is able to trigger alarms based on coinciding detections (time, region, etc. ) to further support the operator.


  • Possibility to integrate any third party sensor type in common, automated detection framework:

  • Unified representation of information even in large installations of different sensor technologies.

  • Flexible configuration of fusion- and alarming rules.

  • Reduction of false alarm rates.

  • improved situational awareness for video surveillance operators due to common map and unfed data representation.

  • Reduction of the number of operators needed for monitoring large surveillance installations.