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Advisory LTD – The shed and MMU

A lovely summer in Manchester to take some pictures of our workplace (The Shed) and MMU.   2018 © Advisory-Ltd – Photographer Richard

Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences January 8, 2018 Between 16-19th April 2018 we will be presenting a Poster on ‘Opportunities for resilient rail system development using natural language processing’ at the 7th European Transport Research Arena in Vienna. The Transport Research Arena 2018 will include a wide spectrum of research and innovation activities spanning basic research to application-oriented…
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Shedding Light on Train Delays

Shedding Light on Train Delays December 27, 2017 Degradations in on-time performance of Britain’s trains cost the rail industry over £100 million a year. However, the additional cost to the economy in lost time is over £1 billion [1]. On-time performance is directly impacted by a multitude of events including train reliability, poor track quality,…
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Shedding light on wheel slides

Shedding Light on Wheel Slides December 27, 2017 When train and tram wheels brake unevenly the result is often wheel flats. Resulting wheel slides cost the industry millions of pounds in engineering costs and delays each year. UK Railway Group Standard GM/RT2466 requires that wheel flats larger than 60mm on vehicles operating at speeds up to and including 200km/h (125mph) have…
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