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Mind the mind

Mind the mind

Mind the Mind

October 31, 2017

Ian Dear

In a results driven business world our minds are being ever pushed to reach new heights of achievement but their health and wellbeing are oft neglected.

We live in an age of unprecendented technological change, where we can stay connected 24/7 but that advancement in communications can bring its own pressures to bear. Maybe it’s a taboo subject to raise but mental health in the workplace is becoming an increasingly serious & worrying issue, and one we neglect at our peril.

In an increasingly machismo business world no-one likes to admit to weakness or failure, and these are common misconceptions sadly associated with mental illness.

We can naturally be more forgiving and accepting of physical illness, which is often easier to see and comprehend. We think nothing of an athlete over-exerting themselves and falling prey to a physical injury but might question their spirit if their mental excesses produce similar results. Just as our bodies can only be pushed so far, so the mind and brain have their own safety valves in place – to which the majority of us are ill-educated as to the consequences.

Mental illness holds no prejudice, and can strike anyone at any time regardless of status or position. No-one is immune but like any illness, treatment can be found. The key to success lies in early recognition and diagnosis, and this is where mental health awareness comes into play. Taking the time to educate yourself and your workforce might just save a life (15% of people who suffer depression make an attempt on their lives).

I passionately promote the awareness of Mental Health issues in the Workplace, and strongly advocate that you do too – please take the courage to educate and look out for yourself and your family, friends & colleagues.


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